Passport to Celebrate!

Our very first Airplane Ticket style invitation was a simple bridal shower design; it was a clean, simple, with a muted color palette. It was designed in 2014 and the design has evolved quite a bit since then. Unfortunately, we haven’t documented the changes, and we get asked about it in different styles/themes/colors often. So […]

President Trump – Qualified or Not …

President Trump Qualified God-Doesnt-Call-the-qualified-he-qualifies-the-called

The new President of the United States, President Donald Trump,  was sworn in today. What an exciting day in history! It’s no secret Trump did not get my vote. But what he does get as POTUS is my respect. Looking back at some of his ahem indiscretions makes it hard to do sometimes. Very hard […]

Alphabet Pony Regular free Font by MediaLab – Font Finds and Faves

Alphabet Pony Regular Free Font Looking for a free (for a limited time), scripty, chunky font... Alphabet Pony by MediaLab may fit the bill.

Alphabet Pony Regular Free Font It appears that just like I can’t resist Chick Fil A on any day of the week that ends in “day”, I also cannot resist fonts. So don’t act all surprised when I tell you I subscribe to a handful of font sites. *gasp* Truth be told (because we’re all […]

When in Doubt, Choose the Kids

when in doubt choose the kids, there will be plenty of time later to choose work. inspirational quote about motherhood and work quote

I’ve spoken candidly and openly about my struggle to find my place in this season of mothering little ones and mothering a business. December 15, 2016 was the day our kids let out of school for the holidays. I had so much work and I felt ragged. I was drowning in emails and texts, and notifications […]

Teacher’s Favorite Things Form

Teacher's Favorites Questionnaire - New Teacher - Back to School - Getting to know - Teacher's Favorites Questions Printable - Digital File

I created this Teacher’s Favorites Form because I enjoy celebrating and loving on the teachers my children have been blessed with. I got so many compliments on it and requests after sharing it with all the parents of the class that I decided it was better in your hands rather than on my computer waiting for next […]