Alphabet Pony Regular Free Font

It appears that just like I can’t resist Chick Fil A on any day of the week that ends in “day”, I also cannot resist fonts. So don’t act all surprised when I tell you I subscribe to a handful of font sites. *gasp*

Truth be told (because we’re all friends here), I’d be in the hole if I gave in to every beautiful font that came my way. So, as per my husband, I cannot buy all. the. fonts.

Buuuut he never said I couldn’t have them if they were free,…. so I added this little beauty to my stash today. Her name is Alphabet Pony Regular by MediaLab. I like to describe her as scripty, chunky, with just a touch of vintage.

Alphabet Pony scripty chunky vintage font by Media Lab

Yup.  For free. Well, it did cost me my email. But then again, I get freebies from them all the time so I think I’m still kinda winning.

Wanna be twinning? Go get you some Alphabet Pony font love then! She can be downloaded for free at Font Bundles. Be sure to snag her quick because the freebies don’t last long!

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