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The thought that so many use our personalized invitations and party accessories to throw love-filled celebrations thrills us to no end. Even more exciting than that is knowing that we are delivering a handcrafted high-quality design printed on some of the best printers and papers around. Yeah. We’re proud of our carefully curated selection of supplies

My story began long ago in a small southern town under the Friday night lights. It was at this football game that I met this tall, charming boy. I was smitten by him and not long after meeting him, I decided that my life’s plan was to graduate college, marry him and become a stay at home mom.

Fast forward 6 years and 1 college degree later, I married him! Or did he marry me?! Just like the mystery of the chicken and the egg, we’ll never know which came first, will we? But I digress,…. back to the story….

We both got real jobs while we waited for babies to happen. But I’ve always had this little entrepreneurial itch so I set out to get certified as a Protocol and Etiquette Consultant. In working to develop my brand identity with a graphic designer, I fell in love with design. While building my business and waiting for babies, I tinkered with Adobe design in my free time. The design bug bit me – it bit me real good.

Until one day, I had a reason to create something beautiful and meaningful when I met this other boy, a baby boy, who’s sweet heartbeat I could see flutter on a black and white screen. All we wanted to do was celebrate him. Celebrate his story, his birth, his first step, his first smile, his first birthday.

The problem was, those run-of-the-mill cards and invitations did not do my mama-heart justice. There just wasn’t a card that encompassed all that motherhood and babyhood was for us. It wasn’t for lack of beautiful designs out there. Creating something especially for him, with a lot of love from me was important. How I shared our story meant a lot to me. Some years that story called for lots of photos, and differing colors, and styles and themes.

Four years later we celebrated the birth of our baby girl. She was my muse and inspired me to create so much more. Business boomed that year and I was finally getting my rythym juggling being a wife, a mama, and small business owner. After years of fertility issues we we’re surprised to find that without much effort, we were having our third baby. Another little man to love. He came two weeks early and I had failed to plan my maternity leave in time. So there I was, working from the hospital bed – my online customers without a clue that minutes before or after emails from me those two days I had brought a new life into the world.

As we settled into our new roles we were blessed with so many friendships and with that came so many more reasons to celebrate. There were marriages, babies, adoptions, birthdays and it was such a joy to design pieces for loved ones that represented major milestones in their lives.

The road here hasn’t been without it’s obstacles. There have been times that I have lost my focus, both personally and professionally. Moments that I’ve worked more hours in a day than I’ve spent with my family. Moments that I have chosen to be “busy” rather than being “intentional”. And on a grander scale, there were failures: in business, in fertility, and in suppliers. But any optimist will tell you that after the rain, comes the sun.

and here we are,
7,659 orders (and counting!),
13 years,
3 kiddos, and
1 guinea pig later….

…creating beautiful things on the daily (since I’m done making babies) for other moms and friends and lady bosses who love a stylish celebration! The response to our designs and paper goodies has been overwhelming. It is our privilege and an honor that you have chosen us to help you commemorate each and every special occasion.

P.S. For the record, about which came first,… it was love.

Love Comes First.


Beautiful. Pretty. Nice.