Hi there!

If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place.

This is our happy place:
where we try to make beautiful happen.

Our story

Read on below to see how our hearts inspire our work here at Then Comes Paper. But first, we want to welcome you to this space, this place, this sisterhood. So,….


we’re so glad you’re here!

You may have happened upon us for our lovely invitations, paper goods, and pretty designs. Even if you don’t find the perfect design for you here, we hope you stick around. If you didn’t know it already: You belong here.

You belong here; that is the short version of the story.
Our story. 

Our team spans Massachusetts, Texas, and Vermont. But our people span this whole marvelous Earth.
Despite our broad geography, generations, and experiences: here you are.

Here we are. 

For the quick and hurried visitor clicking past our pages, this may simply be a place to find some really cute and trendy birthday or baby shower invitations or perhaps just a little inspiration. But for us:

"We like to think that God has kissed this very place for us to bring meaning and connection to our world."

We have been given a deep, aching love for this tribe of gatherers and celebrators. We believe we were made to do this and we believe, wholeheartedly; that our work matters. Our great pleasure is to serve you

If you’ve made it this far into our story, you’re most likely someone who enjoys gathering, celebrating and connecting with others.


Your heart for hospitality is evident.

May you find friendship, community, and connection within these pages.